Monday, May 18, 2009

She likes it!!

My agent likes it! "Grey Matters," that is, the second Dulcie Schwartz mystery! Of course, she has a bunch of changes she wants me to make – catches I'm grateful for (did I always describe this one character as "wan"? Yup, I guess I did. And does my heroine always sound a bit too needy on the phone with her boyfriend? Maybe so.) But these are fixable flaws, the kind of thing I'm just glad someone pointed out to me before it's too late. But the overall book? Well, granted, she's my agent. She must like my writing anyway, but she thought that my plotting in this book was better and "more sophisticated" (her phrase) than in the first book! And she's not even a blood relative!

I've got work to do. But right now, I'm celebrating. Of course, the editor still has to like it. But this is a good start!


Ingrid said...

Congratulations! After such wonderful feedback, the revisions will make themselves!

Clea Simon said...

Well, not entirely, but they are certainly easier than bigger, structural changes so I am very, very happy.

52 Faces said...

Congratulations Clea!

I surfed over here cuz I really appreciated the feedback you left on the UCLA Extension Writers' Program Blog on the To MFA or Not post two years ago. Whew, mouthful.

I'm HR Class of '01 - really great to meet another alumni writer.

Where did your husband get his MFA if you don't mind my asking?