Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gun? What gun?

"That ain't mine." Here it is, the real final (sans a review quote) cover for Cats Can't Shoot, the second Pru Marlowe pet noir, out April 3, 2012.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


It has taken a little longer than expected, but the Dulcie Schwartz mysteries are going to be e-books! Look for Shades of Grey, Grey Matters, and Grey Zone to be available in your favorite e-format on March 1, 2012 (that's only three months, folks) - check your favorite venue or go right to the source, my publisher Severn House. Grey Expectations will debut as an ebook when that book comes out in April. And yes, True Grey, is already in the works! Grey Expectations will also be an audiobook in April, thanks to Dreamscape Audio Books... if that does well, the others might be as well. We already knew that Mr Grey could transcend his earthly form. Now it seems he's taking his friends along into the ether!