Friday, August 31, 2012

"Where are my royalties?"

Musetta doesn't like to pose. Not when she feels she's owed...

They're HERE!

I just sent off the ms. for Dulcie #6, "Grey Dawn," went shopping and came home to find a box on my doorstep! True story!(And you can pre-order it here.)

"CATS" makes the Washington Post!

Last spring, when both Grey Expectations and Cats Can't Shoot came out, some things went wrong. For starters, a mix-up with the printer meant that most of the review copies of "Cats," my second Pru Marlowe pet noir, did not go out. That meant, no Publishers Weekly review. Very little press in general. But, well, it was a good book, and I was working on the next one, so I tried to let it go.

So imagine how thrilled I was this week when Sheila Connolly, a sister member of Sisters in Crime, sent me this link, showing that "Cats Can't Shoot" had been chosen as one of five mysteries for a "cozy" crime fiction write-up in the Washington Post!

"Animal behaviorist Pru Marlowe knows that Cats Can’t Shoot (Poisoned Pen, $24.95)," Washington Post contributor Kathy Blumenstock writes. "But when a blue-eyed white Persian in Clea Simon’s new mystery is accused of pulling the trigger that killed her owner, Pru is on the case...." Click here to read more!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Busy, busy, busy...

Sorry for the radio silence, folks! I've been busy: Sent off a slightly tweaked ending to Pru #3 Parrots Prove Deadly that ups the tension and drama (the idea came to me while relaxing on the beach, go figure). And now I'm busily revising Dulcie #6, Grey Dawn (there's a were-kitty! Were kitty? You'll see). And somewhere in there, I read the page proofs for Dulcie #5, True Grey, which will be available SOON! (Officially, it pubs in the U.S. in Dec., but it will be out end of Sept. in the U.K., so expect copies to start showing up online). PHEW!