Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Baited" breath, changeable carpets, and more

Do you feel betrayed when your favorite author screws up? When a rug suddenly changes color in the middle of a book, or a grammatical error creeps in even as the characters discuss grammar and writing? Me, too! But it happens – and I own up to it today on Lorna Barrett's blog, "Pet Peeve Thursday."

I was also live on KKOX in Keokuk, Iowa, this morning! Did anyone hear me on Jean Meyer's "Pet Talk" program? If so, let me know. I wish this show streamed, but alas it is still terrestrial radio.


Ingrid said...

As a new author, I find this aspect of the writing process absolutely harrowing! I've reread and reread my manuscript. Friends have read it. I think I have caught everything that can possibly be caught. At some point, I'm going to have to let go and release it to the publisher.

But I just can't shake this feeling that somwhere in there, a carpet is changing color...

Clea Simon said...

It probably is, Ingrid, I'm sorry to say. But, you know, you catch what you can. The editor and the copy editors will catch some more things... and your readers will catch the rest!

Good luck with it and let it go!