Sunday, May 3, 2009

Back from Malice

Wow, what a weekend!
just back from the Malice Domestic traditional mystery conference in Arlington, VA. During this fun-packed three-day festival of the traditional mystery, I learned about writing humor, voted during a "Sleuth Off" (Sherlock Holmes won, though I confess I was rooting for Miss Marple), kept running into the marvelous Elaine Viets and, on fewer occasions, Anne Perry, in the elevator, and got to hear about some great new books. Spoke on a very interesting and involving panel on "Social Issues in Mysteries," on Saturday morning, with Pari Noskin Taichert, Marion Moore Hill, and Elizabeth Zelvin, nicely moderated by Harriette Sackler. But as usual, it was the casual interactions – meeting fans like Robert from Georgia and sister authors like Pari that really made the weekend. And, of course, traveling a few hundred miles it the best way to meet with neighbors like Hank Phillippi Ryan and Rosemary Harris. But hey... it was all fun! I confess I skipped out before the big banquet, but congratulations to all the Agatha winners!

And while this is a different sort of Agatha, I'm thrilled to announce that these two new Christie editions – with my introductions! – are now available: The Secret Adversary and The Mysterious Affair at Styles.

(Oh, I may be wrong, but I think you can read at least one of my new introductions here!


Ingrid said...

These two Christie editions will make great gifts for mystery lovers! In fact, I'm thinking a combination gift of one or both of the Christie books with your intro along with a Theda Krakow mystery or two.... Yup, I think I'm getting some very early holiday shopping done here :-)

Clea Simon said...

Thank you, Ingrid! I know I'm giving them to family members -- but that's sort of cheating on my part, isn't it?

Terri said...

I saw you across the room once, but never did manage to actually talk to you! Hope you had fun. Some of those panels were hysterical!

Clea Simon said...

Hi Terri!
Sorry we didn't meet up but, yes, I had a ton of fun!! Hope you did, too (sounds like you did).