Friday, February 20, 2009

Strange inspirations

What inspires you?
I've had some problems sitting down and writing this week. Maybe I'm tired. Maybe this is a natural down time, some 30,000 words into my new project. Maybe it was working sick all last week...

Anyway, each morning I've told myself that it's ok if I don't make my word count. But something keeps coming up. I went to the gym and realized, "Aha! The letter opener is stolen!" (this makes sense to me). I got a call from a friend and realized, "Dulcie hasn't hung out with her friends in a while." I get yelled at by my cat (a common occurrence) and... well, you guessed it. I've made my word count each day this week (thus far).

My UCLA students asked me recently how to keep on writing. I think the only answer is that you do it. One inspiration at a time.

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