Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Grey Matters" is a go!

Well, my editor liked my synopsis for the second Dulcie book. Loved it, actually. Which is very heartening, especially considering that I only have about 100 pages written and so I'm really just guessing how it will all turn out. (In all fairness, I do know my characters pretty well by now, so I think my guesses are close. Plus, she's an editor. She must know that we never stick to our synopsis letter for letter, right?)

And in even better news, I think my coldy-flu-y virus is finally abating. I no longer want to whine and cut my own head off. I'm beginning to realize how behind I am on everything. This is progress.


Yvonne said...

Congrats, Clea! I'm so happy for you.

Hope you're feeling better!

Ravin Wilson said...

I happened upon your book "Cattery Row' completely by accident and just finished reading it. Awesome book, I will now have to get all of your other books as well, lol. Your book touched a deep place in my heart, I am 38, wiccan, a gothic/punk musician and artist, and I do independent animal rescue/rehab, and fostering. I do all of it with my husband from a 3 bedroom trailer with only our own money. We have numerous rescued cats, some dogs, and even deal at times with horses, farm animals, rodents, arachnids and wildlife. I know some about the cat/dog breeding and show world, but have dealt on a much baser level with the darker side, feral, abused and neglected animals. It breaks my heart and oft times I find myself feeling as if I like animals more than people. I certainly find that I understand animals far better. I'm a certified vet tech, but am unable to work as I am disabled due to a struggle with brain cancer, which is thankfully, now in remission. I do what I can, though sometimes it feels like so little..people such as myself don't go over very well in the little South Carolina town I am currently living in. I just really wanted to tell you that your book touched my heart, and you have a new and faithful fan. Your writing is an inspiration.

Clea Simon said...

Thank you, Ravin, both for the work you do and for reading! I hope your cancer stays in remission and if there's such a thing as karma in this life, I'm sure it will. Be well! You sound like a lovely person and I'm honored that you've enjoyed anything that I have written.