Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wear your pet!

No, not "where your pet?" I mean, why not wear your pet as the wonderful ornament to your life that he or she is?

My friend Laurie has long pursued a variety of interesting crafts and arts, developing a real flair for folk art that looks (and feels) good. And now that she and her husband Ted have adopted a dog, they've discovered pet love. The result, as these pictures show, is PETS RULE JEWELS, a line of jewelry that incorporates images of your pets! A few months ago, when Laurie was still working out the kinks in the idea, she made me a pair of earrings with a photo of Musetta in them and asked if I'd wear them and let her know how they felt, how they hung, and what I thought. I loved them. They're light enough that I can wear them all day and night, they hang just right and catch the light. They're pretty. And at some point someone will go ... "wait a minute, is that your cat?" She's my friend, but beyond that, I just love these. And, yes, she does dogs, too. (That's Dolly, their adopted pup, to the right.)

The whole process is simple: Contact Laurie at and arrange to email her a picture of your pet. She will go over the details (sizes, etc., are at her website page), but they are VERY reasonably priced - and she's covering her own shipping costs for the rest of June.


Yvonne said...

Those are so unique! Very cute!

Caroline said...

Oh my God, I have to have this! I want to wear my beloved Minnie! What a brilliant idea!

Clea Simon said...

Isn't it? And they're pretty, too.