Saturday, June 7, 2008

The other redhead

That's me! To one reunion spouse, I am "the other redhead." (The primary redhead being the lovely Heidi Jensen) and it cracked me up. Because, you see, that's how Jon has been learning about the score of folks that he had to meet and hang with over this past reunion weekend. There was Beate, whose clothes were stolen in a Moscow bath (turns out that story wasn't entirely remembered correctly, but never mind, we had fun). And Muffy who had the guinea pig in the washtub freshman year. Loulon from Cajun country (who now works in New Orleans and NEVER goes out to hear music. How is this possible?) Eloise (who indirectly caused my drummer to break his hand - he punched a wall when they broke up, not her fault). And Mike and Jennifer, and Jeff and Tama, Liz and Greg, and and and...

It wasn't until yesterday afternoon, when I met another old friend Shelley (who always wore heels, but who did excercises to keep her achilles tendons from shrinking) for coffee, that I realized we all use the same systems, though. We met at Pamplona (which still exists, for which we are both grateful) and her sweet husband Ari came up and said, "Clea - the other redhead." To which I can only say, "Pleased to meet you!"

So, all in all, a very pleasant experience. Hi to any classmates or other old friends out there. So glad to have met you again.

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