Monday, January 19, 2009

Pete Seeger rules

Somehow the predicted "two to four inches" became seven in yesterday's snowstorm, so spent much of the day digging – and then taking a long work (errands are more fun when the new snow is crunching beneath your books). I love my new crop of students – they're so energetic – but when I got home, fully intending to read their latest assignments, I turned on the TV and was hooked. HBO was re-broadcasting the "We Are One" concert, the celebration of Obama's inauguration. I'm a sucker for ceremony, and this had it all. Plus Pete Seeger! The man is 90, right? But there he was, standing and playing banjo and leading tens of thousands of people in a complete (and I mean with the great, full, revolutionary lyrics) singalong of "This Land is Your Land." So inspiring.

The other great surprise? Garth Brooks. I'm not a huge country fan, to put it mildly. But he got up and led a choir – and those tens of thousands – through "Bye, Bye Miss American Pie," "Shout," and some other vaguely inspirational song (maybe one of his
own?), like an inspired preacher. Truly moving!

Also really adorable to see Malia taking photos during the concert, just like any pre-teen fan. Okay, anyone know what that third Garth Brooks song was?

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