Sunday, October 5, 2008

Men and cats

It's a trend! And I get quoted in the New York Times!

Marilynn K. Yee/The New York Times
MAN’S NEW Best Friend Adam Fulrath, a k a “straight geeky guy,” with his cat Parappa, a k a his “primary relationship.”


Literary Feline said...

Thank you for sharing the article, Clea! My husband and his brother were born and raised as cat people (thanks to my mother-in-law!), I'm glad to say.

Clea Simon said...

My pleasure, Wendy! I always say, the best men are the ones who love cats! (Sorry the writer didn't quote me on that)

Mack said...

As a cat person myself, I thank you for that comment Clea.

Clea Simon said...

It's the truth, Mack! (I have a picture on my home page - on the bio page - of my husband having a heart-to-heart with Musetta to prove it.)