Thursday, October 23, 2008

End of an era

Well, here it is, my last Boston Globe "Radio Tracks" column. The summer Arbitron ratings are out, but I figured I'd close out with something fun – and give a last boost to college radio, my favorite form of the medium. Maybe not my best written column, but I had a hard time with these last three, knowing that my gig was coming to an end. Of course, my one-line farewell was cut, but at least I was warned.

Oh, I also had a review of Christopher G. Moore's "Spirit House" run today, too.


Mack said...

Hi Clea,

One of the aspects of your Theda Krakow books that I enjoy is the way you work in music. It adds an interesting dimension to story.

Will there be any opportunities to freelance the way Theda does?



Clea Simon said...

There will be, Mack - I was just hoping I was more "Cries and Whiskers" Theda than "Cattery Row" Theda (where she's worrying about bills). Ah well. Thanks for the kind words!

Marlyn said...

Count me as one of those who are very disappointed in the way the newspaper industry is heading. My local paper, The Los Angeles Times is trimming the physical newspaper, and has lots of articles/ads that point to blogs.

I have nothing against blogs. I read lots of 'em. But I don't want to read them with my tea and breakfast.

Clea Simon said...

Thanks, Marlyn. It's scary and I don't like it, either. I'll recycle, but I want my news printed out on paper.