Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Going dark

Readers may have noticed a trend in my writing - I've been going darker. From the gentle cozies of Theda Krakow ("Mew is for Murder") and Dulcie Schwartz ("Into the Grey"), I went to the sardonic sass of Pru Marlowe ("When Bunnies Go Bad") and then the black cat-noir chat of "The Ninth Life." The sequel to "The Ninth Life," called "As Dark As My Fur," will be out soon (it's available from the UK here!). But next up is a book so dark it doesn't even have cats in it! To be called "World Enough," it's my rock and roll mystery, set in the underground music scene of Boston in the 1980s, and Severn House will publish it in October. I'm working on a soundtrack, and I'll have photos of the real thing to post as publication gets closer. But don't worry, cat cozy fans! I've now gone dark enough that I've realized I want to balance things out. I've got a new kitty cozy in the works, too. Light and dark together – that's what makes a writer happy. This one, anyway!


Katha said...

I am definitely looking forward a lot to another kitty cozy from your pen, Clea. I do not mind going dark, though, and think that the Pru books and Care books are just great(and I found your gradual path into darker writing fascinating to follow). I just can't do without a cat, I'm afraid.

Clea Simon said...

I undertand, Katha! And do not fear - I will never not write cat mysteries. I just may occasionally write another kind too. Purrs!