Saturday, November 19, 2011

DOGS DON'T LIE (well, ok, Wallis) wins a Muse!

Just found out I won the Muse Medallion for Fiction from the Cat Writers Association, an international association of vets, behaviorists, researchers, wildlife journalists, and, yes, fiction writers who write about cats. This is the fifth time I've won, but each time is an honor.

I did not attend the banquet last night, but received an email with the judge's comments:

“This may be the toughest category I've ever judged. What a terrific collection of books!”

Judge’s comment: “The characters are deep, well-drawn and realistic. Her ‘talking’ cat is the most realistic and least anthropomorphic depiction I've seen, finally doing justice to the personality of the cat.”

The Muse Medallion goes to: Clea Simon for Dogs Don't Lie.

(I'll post a graphic if I can find one...)

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I think I'd have to agree with the speaker's comments. I enjoyed DOGS DON'T LIE tremendously. I wonder how Lily is doing these days? It's as if the characters became real and I wonder how they're all doing. Wallis and her cat included.

Sandie Herron