Friday, January 8, 2010

Yup, I need new photos

Musetta is still sporting this classic look, but I've replaced this old iMac with a sleek flat-screen model. Sadly, the mess on the desk remains pretty much the same! Anyway, Musetta once again takes her place among literary fat cats in today's Galleycat.

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BPL Ref said...

I have the old half a soccer ball mac which I adore. I coveted one of the iMacs you show, but never owned one. My poor ol' soccer ball is limping along; eventually I'll have to upgrade to a flat screen too. Like Musetta, Bonnie adores the computer. When she curls up beside it, it appears I have two round hard drives. My desk doesn't have quite as much stuff, only because Bonnie shoves it off so I stack it all around the desk on any available flat surface.

I call her my little Isaac Newton, forever determined to figure out the law of gravity.