Monday, January 25, 2010

Thank you, Booklist!

My Grey Matters officially pubs in March – here's my first pre-pub review:

Grey Matters, Simon, Clea (Author), Mar 2010. 240 p. Severn, hardcover, $28.95. (9780727868404).

Simon’s second Dulcie Schwartz mystery picks up a few months after the end of Shades of Grey (2009), with Harvard doctoral student Dulcie deep into her fall semester, overloaded with grading papers and concerned about getting her adviser’s approval on her thesis. Then she finds the body of a fellow graduate student on her adviser’s front step. The ghost of Mr. Grey, her deceased cat, returns to offer his usual cryptic advice, and her new kitten takes a noncommittal stance toward crime-solving, leaving Dulcie on her own to try and find the real murderer before the killer finds her. While the cats are an important part of the book, they are not an overwhelming presence, in fact, the academic setting is a much stronger part of the novel’s appeal, making this easily recommendable to readers who enjoy Lauren Willig’s Pink Carnation series or Jennifer Lee Carrel’s literary thriller Interred with Their Bones (2007), which also has significant scenes set in Harvard’s Widener Library. A solid follow-up to an entertaining debut.

Grey Matters is already available through Amazon and at such indies as Harvard Book Store and Brookline Booksmith. (Folks who want a signed copy can order one from those two bookstores - then email me to let me know.)


BPL Ref said...

Hi, Clea! Great review! I still haven't gotten Grey Matters yet, but am going to try again this weekend. For some reason, B & N wouldn't let me log in to use my discount. Many things are going on at my house and concentration hasn't been a strong point so I wouldn't have started reading it yet anyway. Fred is seriously freaked, poor baby. Maybe after next weekend. . . .
I'm glad to see your work get such recognition!


Clea Simon said...

Poor Fred! I'm afraid we were cheering and clapping for the Saints and Musetta took it personally and left the room. Hope this week is calmer for all involved.

catd264 said...

This is the best book I loved it. I wish you lived closer to me I'd love to meet you one day and get a signed book. Can't wait for the next one.

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