Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Remembering Eddie Bo

It's funny, I never really played his albums much. But I always turned up the radio when an Eddie Bo song came on. "Check Your Bucket" "Hook and Sling" "Check Mr. Popeye"... Any appearance by Eddie Bo was always the highlight of our visits to New Orleans. And not just because of his infectious piano-based funk and swing. Eddie was just a very good-natured and incredibly talented man. And he was always just there – abandoning the piano to get people on their feet, squatting down and butt shaking, on the stage at Tip's French Quarter or at the Fest, marshalling four or even six other pianists up to the double grand pianos at the end of Piano Night. Making people dance and smile. And now he's gone.

Great appreciation on the WWOZ site, and I'm listening to yet another tribute on the station now. (Tune in online.) "Got a hole in it..." Speaks to our hearts.

Thank you, Eddie.

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