Wednesday, March 18, 2009

California dreamin'

I'm sitting here in my Cambridge office, hoping the temperature really does hit 50 degrees today, but in my heart I'm in California. In print, too: The San Francisco Chronicle ran my review of "Revenge of the Spellmans" today. Fun book - and if any of you liked the first of the series, and the second less so, take heart. Lisa Lutz has discovered new sources for madcap mayhem in this third outing.

I've also been given a shout-out by Victoria Zackheim on the Kepler's Bookstore blog, The Well-Read Donkey. I contributed an essay to Victoria's lovely anthology, "For Keeps: Women Tell The Truth About Their Bodies, Growing Older and Acceptance," and she's the guest blogger over there this week for this wonderful Menlo Park indie. Thanks, Victoria!


Chris V. said...

Hey Clea nice to hear of papers still running reviews (and these days still publishing and using freelancers!) I'd rather be in California, too, well for a few days anyway.

Victoria said...

And thank YOU for mentioning the blog! Sittingg here in San Francisco, where it's supposed to be in the high 60's, I'd rather be in the cold east...go figure!