Friday, September 28, 2007

A life in crime...

... crime fiction, that is. Sister Mystery Writers of America member and Agatha and Anthony award-winning author Rhys Bowen penned this poem, which wonderfully sums up the experience so many of us have on the road.

If you've ever wondered about the exciting world of book touring/signings, wonder no more:

If only you'd come yesterday, I'm sorry no one's here
It's always slow on Saturdays and at this time of year
Too bad tomorrow's Father's Day and everyone's out shopping
Too bad the heat is so intense that everyone is dropping.
You should have been here Friday night, it's always such a lark
We had a line around the block for Mary Higgins Clark.
I'm sorry that it's been so flat
Let's take your picture with the cat.

Rhys Bowen


Caroline said...

I LOVE this post. Book touring is always anxiety producing. You never know who is going to show up. Michael Dorris (who got three hundred people almost all the time) told me that once he read at this store where there were only four. Halfway through the cops came and arrested three of the audience. They were bank robbers on the lam and they figured no one would look for them at a reading!

Elatia Harris said...

Clea, this is wonderful! Kitty City!! Ever since, owing to severe allergies, I had to adopt out my brilliant calico, Flow Chart, I have terribly missed having cats in my life, herself in particular. She now lives in Brookline, with a 4-generation human family and 17 (slightly) lower mammals, so I know for a fact she is happy...but what about me? I think cats on blogs is where it's going to be at.

If you have time, please read the moving post written by the 3 Quarks Daily editor, Abbas Raza, about his cat moving to Italy, 6 weeks ahead of himself. Link below. Right up your alley --