Friday, August 10, 2007

The Cat Underground Railroad?

A most interesting newspaper article in my hometown paper today talks about an "underground railroad" for pets facing euthanasia in shelters. I gather the idea is not unique, and often includes transporting unwanted animals to new owners who will love them, but who could not afford the transportation costs. It's a great story, and certainly heart-warming. Of course, it would not be necessary if we could take a two-pronged preventive approach: Educating pet owners and giving them affordable spay/neuter options, and also supporting community trap-neuter-return programs to lower the number of feral animals. (Is that three?) Anyway, read it and rejoice in the happy story of Jasper and Jillian. And let me know what you think!

Of course, the mystery writer in me is also considering the fiction potential of this story... there are plenty of possibilities here ... any that you'd like to see in print?

Cats Jasper (left) and Jillian with their new owner Sally Holland (right) and friend Kelly Curtis. The photo was taken when the cats reached Maine, before they were driven to Canada. (Photo courtesy of Sally Holland)


Caroline said...

I think this is an amazing story, Clea, and one that would be an absolute socko premise for a novel. I also read there is about to be a whole new advertising campaigne urging people to get their pets from shelters--sort of WANTED signs over photographs of pets and a notation of what the pets did "wrong" which is, of course, nothing. Their owners had allergies, their owners moved, their owners had no (*&^%$ heart.

Clea Simon said...

Thanks, Caroline. I hadn't heard about that campaign but I love the idea! My Musetta was a rescue cat, and I can't imagine a better animal companion.