Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Not too late...

Well, you may have missed the Book Depository cut-off for free shipping to the US by Christmas/Chanukah (you can still get my books, many at a nice discount). But you can still order my other books from domestic sources, including Amazon or your local indie bookstore, and get them in time! Have you read "Into the Grey" yet? It's the latest Dulcie Schwartz feline-centric academic mystery. Gumshoe Reviews says: "I think one of the reasons I enjoy this series is that Dulcie seems so real. While it is unusual for anyone to so often be in the midst of mayhem and murder, it does fit with her interest in Gothic literature, active imagination, and tendency to rely heavily on emotions over logic when outside of class. She reacts as most of us would expect we would under the circumstances she finds herself in.

The crime has many possible motives and suspects. There's plenty of red herrings as well as a good measure of academic politics and procedures that tie into the crime and keep the pages turning."

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