Thursday, May 12, 2016

Dulce returns with INTO THE GREY

Don't forget Dulcie! The next Dulcie Schwartz feline/academic mystery, INTO THE GREY, is up for pre-order now on Amazon – and for all you reviewers/book bloggers out there, it's up for review on NetGalley, too! And isn't this a beautiful cover?


Katha said...

I'm so glad (and relieved)that Dulcie's series will continue, Clea. As much as I liked The Ninth Life, I would miss Dulcie really a lot if you gave up that series (and I was a bit worried you would). But all is good.

Clea Simon said...

Thank you, Katha! That's such a pleasure to hear. I love Dulcie, too! I'm hoping to keep my publisher interested in her - so if you can, spread the word. Post reviews - and see if you can get friends (including libraries) to buy the book. Every little thing helps!