Thursday, December 3, 2015

Holiday shoppers, start your engines

OK, you've probably already started (hey, Chanukah begins on Sunday!). But I just found out about the Book Depository, which sells books from their original pub dates BEFORE THEY COME OUT IN THE U.S. Plus, they do so AT A DISCOUNT and SHIP FREE WORLDWIDE! Can you tell I'm excited? Because you know I'm psyched for the March 1. U.S. publication of my new, darker cat mystery, "The Ninth Life." But if you want it NOW (or want to give it as a gift, hint hint), you can get it in less than a week at 21% off here! Yup, the price just dropped again. Check it out! (Oh, and they have lots of other books too.)

Fair warning: Amazon recently bought the Book Depository, but ... well, there you have it.

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