Monday, August 17, 2015

Unveiling ... the "books in order" page!

Finally! Over at my home site,, I have a page that tells you about each of the series and lists the books in order (with original publication dates). No more wondering if you've missed one! No more trying to figure out what comes next! Yay! Also, it's now mobile friendly!


Katha said...

This sounds really so great, Clea, and I just can't wait to buy and read the book! (Fortunatley, I only need to wait until November as I will order the British edition).

Do you tentatively know yet when the next book on Dulcie and Mr. Grey will come out? I love the series!

Clea Simon said...

Thanks, Katha! I took a break from Dulcie to work on "The Ninth Life," but I am deep in the next one now. I am guessing... if all goes well.... hmmm... probably May or June 2016 (in the UK)? No title yet (but it will have "Grey" in it, obviously). Thanks for reading.