Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Me and Alan Furst

Oh, don't I wish!

But I was thrilled to see two new reviews this morning. The first informed me that the BBC adaptation of Furst's "The Spies of Warsaw" begins tonight, and I've set the DVR (9 p.m. Eastern). Love his books - so moody, so intense.

The second was even more personal: Beth Kanell of Kingdom Books reviewed my new (out yesterday!) "Parrots Prove Deadly," the third Pru Marlowe pet noir. In addition to many other lovely things, she said: "In Simon's quick-paced narrative, there's plenty of suspense and a very real sense of struggle to translate what's important in the "speech" of companion animals into something Pru can make sense of." Which is too long for Twitter, but just makes me so happy. Thank you, Beth!

Beth's review of "Parrots Prove Deadly":

Times review of "Spies of Warsaw""

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Great review, Clea!