Monday, June 25, 2012


And here it is! That wonderful quote is dummy type, alas (can't I get a critic to say exactly that?). I love that the cover artist used an African gray – the parrot in the book – as well as a tabby cat (though I suspect Wallis never looked that innocent). Have now gotten my edits from my editor, and they all look quite reasonable and do-able, so I see no reason that this shouldn't all go according to schedule and be available as a hardcover, paperback, and e-book next April, 2013! Pru and Wallis live!


BPL Ref said...

If you really want a review to say that, I daresay it can be arranged. Melon is ever so bribe-able!

Cover looks GREAT!


Clea Simon said...

Thank you! And thank you, Melon. Does Melon lick covers? Musetta does (the glossy ones), and I swear I haven't arranged to have them treated with catnip or anything.

BPL Ref said...

No, Mel doesn't lick covers-- though I've heard a lot of cats will or will lick plastic bags. I've heard several theories as to why, but there's no consensus. Mel is too intent on getting attention to really pay much attention to the books. That's the hardest part: trying to make him sit still and not walk toward me and/or sit on me. Well, that and getting him to sit up. He feels if I'm not going to pet,then he might as well just lie down.

Clea Simon said...

I can understand that. In truth, I often feel the same way.