Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Not the brightest bulb

I just had an amusing exchange w/ an electrician. I had brought in two lamps to be rewired, and they were due to be fixed today. As I walk up to the store, I see a photo of a black cat with a heart-shaped background on the window. It says, "Have a PURRR-fect Valentine. From the Shop Kitty." I walk in, hand my tickets to the guy, and am looking around. I ask, "You have a shop kitty?" He asks, "Do you know what they look like?" I, spotting a nice-lookng, not-too-Persian black longhair, respond, "Well, I see one, right over there!" He says, "I meant your lamps."

Well, it amused me anyway. Best wishes for a wonderful Valentine's Day. From the Shop Kitty.

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