Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cats Can't Shoot!

No cover yet, but the pre-order for Cats Can't Shoot (Pru Marlowe pet noir #2) is up at Amazon, which sort of makes it all feel real. The delivery date for this book is April 3, 2012. The fourth Dulcie Schwartz mystery, Grey Expectations (US edition), is due to be released on April 1 (unless that's some kind of a joke...). Which means, once again, this spring I'll have two books out. Whee!


Katha said...

Clea, I just CAN'T wait for the next Prue novel!! The first one, "Dogs Don't Lie" was such an intense reading experience, and I think it is the best written book that you have published so far. You made the emotions of the animals so real for the reader, and you created really memorable characters, both two- and four-legged. I enjoyed the book immensely and can't wait to see how you will continue the series.

Clea Simon said...

Thank you, Katha. I've already started on Pru #3, and of course now that one is my favorite - but I hope you enjoy CCS, too.