Friday, April 10, 2009

Pub date: Where are the books?

Wow, this is a first! Pub date and no books. Officially, PROBABLE CLAWS is published today, but I've not received my books (nor the 75 copies I'm supposed to sign and send back to the publisher, which they distribute to various bookstores). And now I see on Amazon that PROBABLE CLAWS is listed as "temporarily out of stock." I made some inquiries and found out the weather is to blame. Seems my book is printed in Minnesota, and so the recent horrible weather and flooding has slowed things up. Supposedly the books are on the trucks now and should show up in a day or two. Considering what people who live out there had to deal with, this is minor, minor, minor. But it is a bit disorienting to have a "pub day" without a book in hand!


Sherri L said...

Hey Clea,

Sorry about the book-in-hand delays, but I can not wait! Love your books.

Yours in whiskers and rock! :)

-- Sherri

Chris V. said...

Hope they make it to you soon! I bet you'll be window watching! Great cover btw!

Clea Simon said...

Thanks folks and yes, I am trying not to jump up whenever I hear someone coming near the door.