Thursday, November 13, 2008

My dream

So, last night I dreamt that Musetta was blogging for Obama. Didn't matter that the election was over. She was at the computer at all hours, and she had all these piles of papers (research) around her, the phone was ringing, and people were bringing her news items at all hours. I wanted to be supportive, but it was sort of disruptive.

What's up with that?


Linda L. Richards said...

I'm not quite sure what's up with it, but it does begin to demonstrate why our Musetta is so very, very popular. She gives of herself. She just gives and gives and gives. And never mind that you were trying to sleep. She had a job to do -- damnit! -- and she was gonna do it.

(And between the two of us, Clea, I don't think it's very nice of you not to tell her that the election was over and that the good guys won. I mean, how's she gonna know? There is no kitty CNN!)

Clea Simon said...

She does, doesn't she? Though I'm not sure how she was typing so fast with those little white paws of hers.

I think she might have been working on Obama's Cabinet, actually. Who better to be Secretary of the Interior than a housecat who has never been outside?

On another note entirely, all through the night of the election, Musetta sat in the center of our sofa, watching with us. Usually she sits on the far left, as is appropriate for a Cantabridgian. We were joking that she's become a centrist. OK, that's probably way more information than you - or anyone out there - needed.

Marlyn said...

I'm very impressed with Musetta!
Nacht only watches football and hockey.
(Oh, I have a great photo of him on yesterday's blog entry.)

Clea Simon said...

I just checked it out. What a little lion! A shadow lion!

Peggy said...

That's so extra funny because my husband calls our cat a "Demo-cat."

Clea Simon said...

In truth, I think Musetta is a Royalist. She is queen, and that's that!