Sunday, August 24, 2008

What makes a great catsitter

It's not just the security of knowing that our great friend Naomi (of the band Damon and Naomi) would feed and care for Musetta during our absence. It was also receiving this snapshot, from her cell phone, of Musetta waking from a nap "fine and fluffy."

Thank you, Naomi!


Caroline said...

Once, a pet sitter for our tortoise left a whole notebook detailing how Minnie was while we were gone! I still treasure that! And what a handsome cat you have!

Clea Simon said...

Oh, Naomi does that! I have day by day notes from her. It ends, "I caught her checking out my bike helmet when she thought I wasn't looking. Very relaxed."

Clea Simon said...

and thank you. We think Musetta is quite a beauty. (She's yawning, by the way, not roaring.)