Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Be a Wednesday Sister

We are sustained by our friendships, aren't we? Even the casual ones that only gradually deepen through time and proximity? That's the theme of Meg Clayton's The Wednesday Sisters, a marvelous new novel about women who meet casually, when their kids are young, and come to know and share their lives. Already, critics are recognizing its honest sentiment and fresh approach to real friendship: Booklist says, "“Readers will be swept up by this moving novel about female friendship and enthralled by the recounting of a pivotal year in American history as seen through these young women’s eyes."

Because the Sisters bond over books, its only appropriate that Meg has a blog called "First Books," where she has invited sister writers to share their stories. I'm this week's Wednesday sister, sharing my story of my two first books! What an honor. Thank you, Meg.


Kat with a K said...

Thanks for the tip - sounds good! I just requested it at the library.

Clea Simon said...

You won't regret it, Kat!

Caroline said...

Way to go, Clea! I can't wait to read it!