Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Kitty hypnosis

Why do I suddenly find myself craving Greenies?


Cozy Crime said...

That cat reminds me of one my daughter got when she was 10 or 11. that cat always had something going on that i didn't quite understand. Maybe it was hypnosis! lol

Clea Simon said...

Did it exert mind control over the rest of the household? I know Musetta does.

Jean Fain said...

I agree Clea! I think cats are incredibly talented at entrancing themselves and their loved ones. But mostly, I work with humans, who often need help relaxing and opening their minds (and the minds of their loved ones) to new possibilities.
Many humans interested in eating mindfully and making other positive changes find my website helpful. Cats, not so much. Got questions, feel free to send me questions via www.jeanfain.com
Jean Fain

Caroline said...

I love that video. I happen to have some subliminal hypnosis tapes that I love and listen to when I work. It helps me not to panic too much. Of course, if I weren't allergic, I would also have a cat or ten on my lap. And a dog.