Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Well, it's that time of the evening here in lovely Cambridge, Mass., when the day's wet snow/freezing rain storm has begun to glaze the sidewalks, turning our charming brick sidewalks into so many uneven picturesque death traps. But even though I learned, yet again, that my favorite walking winter boots do, in fact, leak, I am not going to despair. This weekend is Sleuthfest in Deerfield, Florida. And so I have compiled my Top 10 reasons to love Sleuthfest:

10. Sunblock is more fun than polar fleece.
9. I don't get to see my Great Aunt Ruth often enough!
8. Average temperatures in the double digits.
7. The forensic/autopsy speaker is advertised as "post food."
6. Two words: Windchill factor.
5. Holing up with Oline Cogdill to discuss "The Wire."
4. Guest speaker Lee Child: Jack Reacher could shovel my walk any day.
3. Saturday morning "Beast-iality" panel with the charming Blaize Clement.
2. Cocktails by the pool (Freddo: "How do you say 'banana daiquiri'?" Michael: "Banana daiquiri.")
1. Books+ Readers = Heaven.

See you there!!


Caroline said...

That sounds so cool and fun! I wish I were out of NYC's freezefest into some warmth. Congratulations, too!

Clea Simon said...

It was a blast... more soon (catching up on work and 200-plus emails).