Thursday, January 10, 2008

Library cats

It must be something in the air. I guest blogged over at Jungle Red today in praise of libraries. And then I heard that another blog was starting a "library cat" blog, the idea being to solicit library cat stories for an e-book celebrating National Library Week this spring, April 13-19. No pay, but a nice way for writers – even unknowns – to get a little exposure. I mean, cats... books... what's not to like? At any rate, when A Library Cat's owner, Marisa D'Vari and I chatted, she offered to write "a little something," which includes an interview with her own feline bibliophile, Apricat:

Love cats? Love mysteries?

My name is Apricat and I convinced my human to create a blog called A Library Cat, and on it, collect stories of all of us felines who love to hang out in libraries and read books.

Of course, we don’t really “read” … personally, I prefer to curl up on top of a good book and simply absorb what it has to say. Personally, I visit the New York Public Library on fifth avenue every day. I like to see the lions in front of the Library (a symbol of the cat kingdom, even though they are inferior creatures) and like to give motivational talks to the stray and street cats in the area. My human is forcing me to say that my favorite books are Building Buzz: How to Reach and Impress Your Target Audience, and Creating Characters: Let Them Whisper Their Secrets, [both by Marisa - ed.note] but I prefer to read about the way people worshipped cats in ancient Egypt. Clea Simon and Musetta have invited me to interview my human about why she created this blog.

Q: Marisa (I always call my human by her first name) why did you create A Library Cat?
A: National Library Week 2008 is celebrated (April 13-19). It was created by the American Library Association in 1958, and is a reminder for people to visit and support their local libraries.

Q: Why are you asking cats to submit their library reading experiences?
A: As you said, Apricat, Cats love to absorb information – you are a curious species! Just like you love to read my books at the New York Public Library, other cats around the United States like to read books their humans have written personally or enjoy reading. Some cats just like to read books about other cats.

Q: What are you doing with the stories?
A: People can write stories under 500 words (see guidelines below) and send them to me in an email at I will post them on the web. Then, about a month before National Library week, I will turn the stories into an ebook and make them available for a free download. People will find out about the download via press releases I will write to call attention to the holiday and the Library cat ebook.

Q: Why would cats (or their humans) want to participate?
A: If the cat or human has a web site or book to promote, I include live links to Amazon or their web site. The links will be live in the ebook as well.

Here are the guidelines:

Marisa D’Vari is collecting fun stories of under 500 words about what books your cat would read if allowed to spend the day browsing at your local library. Stories must include the name and a descriptor of your local library, and the title of the book your cat would read. And hey, if the cat happens to read the book you wrote, so much the better. A link to Amazon or your web site will appear in the header (see example below) and the text. An ebook of the stories will be put into a ebook to help celebrate National Library Week 2008(April 13-19), a holiday created by the American Library Association, and available for a free download from A Library Cat site. I will send out the press releases to promote the ebook and web featuring your story/links closer to National Library Week. Here is a sample of how Cynthia Baxter, author of "The Reigning Cats & Dogs Mystery Series" (Bantam Books) submitted her story.

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